Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Grapes of Goode

I think every proud American and Concerned Citizen needs to watch the classic movie "The Grapes of Wrath". The speech Henry Fonda makes at the end of the film is as relevant TODAY as it was back in 1940.



WAR on  DRUGS? Here’s what I think about you FOOLS! 

If I was a DEA agent or Narc I’d be too ashamed to admit it. Did you know the first drug law was enacted in 1914, huh? With productivity like THAT in the private sector and Americans would still be driving Model T’s, hauling ice and shoveling coal… lol! 

HOW LONG ohhhh LORD, when do these degenerates change the UN-American DRUG LAWS? I am somebody who hates a serious misallocation of wealth and resources.

America Goes Dark” article by Paul Krugman in the NY Times (8-8-10) got me thinking about the low grade thought processes that got the USA in such a mess.

In 1979 the Federal Government funneled down tax revenue back to local governments equal to $64 per resident. BUT then Reagan/Bush FISCAL CONSERVATISM and trickle down economics came upon the American scene… By 1992, revenue had been reduced to only $29 per resident…”  TIME magazine
Reagan/Bush Neo-Con fascists pressed for a mandate for law enforcement to make up for the loss of revenue. Reagan took that savings and diverted it WHERE? SO WHAT DID REPUBLICANS DO with all that national wealth they KEPT FOR THEMSELVES? How were those tax dollars allocated? AND HOW MUCH NATIONAL WEALTH did Bush/Cheney DIVERT AWAY FROM LOCAL GOVERNMENTS? That’s the QUESTION so-called Tea Party Movement should be asking. A whole history of Republicans devastating the COMMON GOOD and all these silver spoon politicHo’s can talk about  is tax cuts for the rich???

So the USA has a debt problem… With all those people railroaded to jail/prison… With all the families broken up or soaked for cash… With all the vendors and seizure artists profiting from them. With all those police fining, penalizing, ticketing, seizing, code enforcing among techniques of law enforcement generating income for itself, state and local government.  CONTROL by AUTHORITY government can’t get it’s act together?

I was listening to the news describing how drug agents were burning tons of marijuana seized in State Park, farm lands and poor people’s gardens Ok let me get his straight State of California. ARE YOU PEOPLE NUTS? Not only do you waste money on all the law enforcement used for this operation but then you burn one of the most valuable commodities on the planet? You stupid m‘*****ers deserve to go under.

Wait, somebody is making money of this WAR, right? I wonder how many of those Legislators (and cronies) are invested in the NY jail/prison vendor complex (lol). The marijuana laws are an easy way to keep the jails full of poor inmates who are forced to work for 25 cents a day plus room and board (lol)… or what we used to call slavery. Of course the rich kids are the ones with all the good weed but their families are well-connected and can afford decent legal representation…

…so they don’t have their lives RUINED because they had a dime bag of weed... f*** you ya bunch of CONTROL by AUTHORITY m********’s. You PoliticHo’s have pushed the limits of decent society and turned the American PEOPLE into the United Suckers of America. I have NO RESPECT for you elected @$$holes and I fantasize about a revolution where all the fascist end up like Mussolini or Ceausescu.

Now go roll me a joint ya stiffs, lol
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